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  • The Sims 4 is getting a family-focused expansion pack, and fans are very excited.
  • This expansion pack will release on March 16, 2023. It adds infants as well as other family-focused features.
  • "Get the family together on March 16th & celebrate a lifetime of precious moments with The Sims 4" - The Sims
  • Pre-orders now through EA's website, before April 27 and get bonus digital content including an infant carrier and a toddler slide and swing set.
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  • "New Xbox mascot, I don't even remember Cortana anymore"
  • The post already has thousands of upvotes and fans want 808 as Xbox mascot.
  • Some even compare 808 to Morgana in Persona 5.
  • 808 is the friendly cat that cosies up hero Chai in Hi-Fi Rush. "You can pet the cat...".
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  • New features coming to Dead Island 2 and the "most exciting" one, the skill deck.
  • "The art is amazing, and they're fun to look at and all of that, but they're just really fun to play with. Change skills mid-air; you can take off, change a skill, and land with a different loadout, and that's just amazing."
  • "And you can take some real risks with your loadout as well.. It really pays off.. and sometimes, goes horribly wrong."
  • "After eight years and three studios, Dead Island 2 is pretty much what you get if you Google 'development hell'.."
  • Dead Island 2 has been fully restarted by Dambuster Studios, and it seems to be doing a great job.
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  • Monster Hunter World celebrated its fifth anniversary earlier this week on January 26.
  • "Here's to five years of Monster Hunter World and the Fifth Fleet! From your first steps in the New World to facing off against Nergigante, happy anniversary, Hunters!"
  • "Which hunts have you remembered most fondly?"
  • Monster Hunter World has the most sales of any Capcom-made game, 18.5 million sales for the game worldwide as of September 2022.
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  • Hackers who stole League of Legends source code are now auctioning it off with bids starting at $1 million after failing to get money out of Riot Games.
  • Riot Games revealed it was the target of a cyber attack. The hackers managed to obtain the source code for League of Legends and Teamfight Tactics as well as the company's old anti-cheat software Packman.
  • "Truthfully, any exposure of source code can increase the likelihood of new cheats emerging.."
  • "Since the attack, we’ve been working to assess its impact on anticheat and to be prepared to deploy fixes as quickly as possible if needed."
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  • "Here is ENLBufferPwn, a severe vulnerability in many first-party 3DS, Wii U and Switch games. It allows remote code execution in a victim console by just having an online game session with an attacker.." - Pablo
  • "Combined with other OS exploits, this vulnerability could allow an attacker to achieve full console takeover, and steal sensitive information or take audio/video recordings.."
  • It has 9.8/10 (critical value) in the CVSS v3.1 calculator.
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  • A lots have leaked before Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are released.
  • These leaked can be traced back to the same user, a new account which is seemed purely for spreading screenshots from the two new games.
  • Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are coming next week on November 18. The Pokemon Company just revealed a brand new creature called Gimmighoul, an adorable creature that hides in treasure chests.
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  • The newest Legend - Catalyst is a defensive hero, who is also the first transgender woman in Apex games.
  • Remarkable, almost magical, control over ferrofluid, developer Respawn Entertainment announced.
  • Catalyst has been confirmed in this "Stories from the Outlands".
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  • Overwatch 2 is facing some major server issues at launch partly due to a mass DDoS attack.
  • "Unfortunately we are experiencing a mass DDoS attack on our servers.."  - Blizzard president Mike Ybarra.
  •  "Teams are working hard to mitigate/manage. This is causing a lot of drop/connection issues."
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  • New God of War Ragnarok gameplay footage has been released. The new gameplay footage shows Kratos’ new weapon abilities.
  • Using the two new Dauntless and Stonewall arm shields, Kratos can toss opponents up in the air and briefly out of reach.
  • Atreus is able to assist Kratos with the abilities he gained such as stunning with arrows, swinging his bow, destroying obstructions, and summoning spectral allies.
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